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Click the name of one of the presenters from the list below to access their abstract and an .mp3 recording of their presentation. To start the audio, click the play button below the abstract.

The Folly of FTAs
Kelsey, Jane

Professor Jane Kelsey is one of New Zealand's best-known critical commentators on issues of globalisation, structural adjustment and decolonisation. She holds a personal chair in law at the University of Auckland, where she has taught since 1979. Professor Kelsey has an undergraduate degree from the Victoria University of Wellington, postgraduate degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and a PhD from Auckland University. She teaches in law and policy and international economic regulation, with a specialisation in the GATS. Jane is also active in many NGO, trade union, social justice and human rights networks in Asia, the South Pacific and internationally. Several of her books have been widely read in Canada, especially Economic Fundamentalism: The New Zealand Experiment: A World Model for Structural Adjustment? Her most recent book Serving Whose Interests? The Political Economy of Trade in Services Agreements was published by Routledge UK in July 2008.

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