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The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (The MAI) and the Threat to Canada's Public Health System
Barlow, Maude

Her most recent book, "MAl", co-authored with Tony Clarke, details the serious implications of the signing of a Multilateral Agreement on Investment being negotiated by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (The O.E.C.D.)

The Evil Empire
Hellyer, Paul

In his new book, Paul Hellyer, a former senior cabinet minister, explores the ramifications of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and tells us where we are heading unless there is immediate, radical change. It is a frightening scenario which forecasts a global economy in which nation states count for little -- and ordinary voters count for nothing at all. A world where unemployment remains unreasonably high, the division of wealth between rich and poor goes from unfair to outright immoral and a complete meltdown of the monetary system is inevitable.

Why Canadians Must Defend their Public Health Care System from Global Corporate Control
Nader, Ralf

Ralph Nader has been a long time champion of the rights of people over corporations. Honored by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th Century, he has founded many important public interest organizations, written many books and has helped to establish a number of important pieces of American legislation. Mr. Nader has also spoken and written about the issues of corporate control of health care services.

Undeclared War Class and Politics in Canada
Laxer, James

Not since the Second World War has there been such a gulf in wealth, income and power between the rich and the rest of the population of Canada. The fight against the deficit has been largely won and economic growth has resumed, but a deeply divided society is emerging. On the one side are the winners-the small minority who have struck it rich from corporate profits and stock markets. On the other side is the majority-facing meagre gains or even losses in income. Conflict between the classes has returned with a vengeance to become the most important issue of our time. In The Undeclared War, James Laxer cuts through the headlines and the conventional interpretations to reveal the truth about the new class war and what it means for North Americans.

When Corporations Rule the World
Korten, David

His book When Corporations Rule the World, published by Kumarian Press and Berrett-Koehler Publishers in 1995, helped to raise public consciousness of the political and institutional consequences of economic globalization and the expansion of corporate power at the expense of democracy, equity, and environmental health.

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