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Click the name of one of the presenters from the list below to access their abstract and an .mp3 recording of their presentation. To start the audio, click the play button below the abstract.

The Corporation as Big Brother
Shiva, Vandana

A talk by Vandana Shiva where she talks about seed patents, and bio piracy.

Who is Being Served.
Olivieri, Dr. Nancy

A talk by Nancy Fern Olivieri about her protracted struggle with the Hospital for Sick Children and the pharmaceutical company Apotex about drug deferiprone. Starting in 1996, Olivieri was part of a group conducting a clinical trial in order to evaluate the use of a drug in treating persons with a blood disorder, thalassaemia. During the course of the trial, Dr. Olivieri became concerned about evidence that pointed to the toxicity of the study drug and to the drug being inefficacious. Dr. Olivieri informed both the research ethics board that was monitoring the study and Apotex, the drug maker. The research ethics board instructed Dr. Olivieri to, inter alia, inform participants about her concerns. Apotex responded by noting that Dr. Olivieri had signed a confidentiality agreement as part of the drug trial and that informing participants about her concerns, the validity of which Apotex disputed, would violate that confidentiality agreement. Apotex threatened to vigorously pursue all legal remedies against her if she disclosed her conclusions to patients. Dr. Olivieri disclosed her concerns to her patients and Apotex ended the portion of the study in which she was participating.

Monetary Reform
Rowbotham, Michael

Michael Rowbotham talks about his book Grip of Death which explains where money comes from and why most people and businesses are so heavily in debt. It is about subjects of mortgages, building societies and banks, agriculture, transport, global poverty, and what's on the supermarket shelf. Michael proposes a new mechanism for the supply of money, creating a supportive financial environment and a decreasing reliance on debt.

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