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Presentations: "The Alberta We Want"

Click the name of one of the presenters from the list below to access their abstract and an .mp3 recording of their presentation. To start the audio, click the play button below the abstract.

Building a Vision Fighting for the Alberta and Canada We Want In Fortress North America
Barlow, Maude

Unknown to most Canadians, the process of continental integration is steadily advancing. Heavily promoted by the big business community, dozens of task forces, working groups and cross-border committees are harmonizing rules, standards and procedures in areas as diverse as food and drug safety, border security and environmental regulations. The attempt to effectively erase the border will affect the economy, social programs, the environment and Canada's waning control over its natural resources. Albertans are facing the additional loss of control over their energy supplies. Now is the time to develop a clear vision of the Alberta and Canada we want in an interdependent world and to take a leadership position in promoting alternatives to the Bush administration's plans for North America.

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