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Miroslav Hruska Himalayan Digital Collection

Mt. Kanchenjunga and Miroslav Hruska, 1950

Miroslav Hruska Himalayan Digitial Collection

Miroslav Hruska Himalayan Digital Collection


The locations and mountains in this photographic collection have been identified by Miroslav (Mike) Hruska, elder son of Miroslav Hruska, from the numerous verbal commentaries provided by his father over the years. Some of the English place names used have since changed to Indian or Nepali names. For instance Jannu is now known as Kumbhakarna. In addition some of the heights that are noted may be in error, since measurement techniques have improved with time. If you detect any errors in this identification or can assist in the further identification of locations and peaks, please contact Mike Hruska at the following email address:

Athabasca University. Canada's Open University