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Recording Book of Remembrance

This project is a partnership between Evelyn Ellerman, Mae Deans, the Alberta Women's Institutes, The Provincial Archives of Alberta, and Athabasca University Library.

The team leaders are:

Evelyn Ellerman: Co-Chair / Assoc. Prof Centre for State & Legal Studies

Mae Deans:Independent Researcher and Rural Sociologist

Athabasca University

Library Digitization Team

Stella Lee: Web Developer

Blaise MacMullin: Photographer and Videographer

Steve Schafer: Director, Library Services

Recording the Book of Remembrance

The Provincial Archives of Alberta

Wayne Murdoch, Director of Collections Management

Claude Roberto (I'll get you her title shortly)


Vivian Elias: Voice actor for Books of Remembrance

Sylvia Shaigec, Research Assistant

Colchester Branch, Members of the Alberta Women's Institute


The contents of this collection are subject to the Copyright Act.

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