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Who are the people of Athabasca University's Digitization Team?

  • Colin Elliott (BComm, MA)- Manager, Web Projects & Services

    Colin Elliott has worked in digitization since the beginning of the AU Library's Digitization efforts in 2007. He has worked on all of the Digitization Portal collections as well as the many mobile projects (including the successful Mobile ESL project - One of the most exciting parts of Colin's work is using new technologies to enhance our collections.

  • Hongxing Geng (PhD., M.Sc) - Programmer

    Hongxing Geng's research interests focus on distributed systems. He has worked for AU Library as Digital Objectss & Repository Network Developer since March, 2008. Before joining AU Library, Hongxing worked for AU School of Computing & Information System, where he applied his knowledge in distributed systems to the Learning Community Project.

  • Marcia Woytovicz - Digitization Technician

    Marcia Woytovicz is a Digitization Technician with the Athabasca University Library. Using a scanner or digital camera, she takes photographs, books and other materials and turns it into digital form. She also takes VHS tapes, DVD's & cassette tapes and turns them into digital form also. As she has a passion for this type of work at home and in her position, she will guarantee the best possible outcome. Marcia has worked at Athabasca University since 2000 and joined the Digitization Team in April 2008. She looks forward to new digital projects and interesting challenges.

  • Viorel Tabara - Intermediate Web Systems Administrator
  • Larry Shwartz - Technologist
  • Kathy Helms - Digitization Clerk


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