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Discover Canadian film!

Movies both create and powerfully reflect national identities. Films from the United States, Britain, France, India, and Australia showcase their country's cultures and values and, as important by-products, invite tourism and stimulate trade.

But what about Canada? Many nations, through combinations of funding and regulation, go to considerable lengths to support and protect their film industries. Canadian producers and directors create remarkable movies in an environment where access to distribution is, at best, difficult, and where government policies are not always helpful.

Canadian Film Online is designed to give university students access to the substantial body of, often forgotten, work created by our film makers. It is a resource for Communication Studies 610: A Study of Canadian Feature Film-By Canadians, About Canadians, for Canadians, a MAIS course which is created to advance the task of bringing academic rigor to the study of domestic films in terms of their role in defining national identity in both English and French Canada.

As the library develops it will include hundreds of movies made by Canadians since movie star Nell Shipman and her Calgary-based husband (ten per cent Ernie) produced Back to God's Country in 1919.

Note: At present this collection is accessible by AU staff and students. However, other groups can contact AU Library's Digitization Team for assistance.

Cinema Canada Journal

Cinema Canada was the trade journal of record for the Canadian film and television industry from its launch in 1973 by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers until its final issue in 1983. Access online issues of Cinema Canada here.

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