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Athabasca River Basin Image Bank

the winding Athabasca River


  1. To enhance the general public's knowledge about the Athabasca River Basin (ARB).
  2. To aid researchers who study the ARB.


Digital photographs, videos, maps, drawings and posters related to the ARB. The images will include landscapes, "waterscapes", settlements, industries and people of the ARB. Information about each image includes: title, subject, description (e.g. key words), creator (e.g. photographer, artist), date (order = YYYY-MM-DD), language used in the description (e.g. en = English, fr = French), image type (e.g. drawing, photograph), computer format (e.g. jpg, gif), type (e.g. still or moving image), size (in kilobytes), identifier, collection title (i.e. Athabasca River Basin Image Bank, ARBIB), repository (i.e. Athabasca University Digital Library, Athabasca, Alberta), and rights (i.e. original copyright holder). All of these descriptors are electronically searchable.

In the future, sound files may be added to this data bank.

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