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The Athabasca Area Seniors' Memory Project was initiated in May 2015 by the Athabasca United Church in collaboration with Athabasca University and the Alice B. Donahue Library & Archives in Athabasca.

Funding was obtained from the federal New Horizons for Seniors' Program, the Alberta and Northwest Conference of the United Church of Canada, the Watkins Fund for Innovative Ministries with Senior Adults at the United Church of Canada Foundation, and the Alberta Community Initiatives Program.

Athabasca United Church co-leads on the project: Rosemary Neaves and Mavis Jacobs.

Co-ordinator: Irene Fitzsimmons.

Athabasca University assistance with the online portal: Colin Elliott, Marcia Woytovicz, Kathy Helms, and Larry Shwartz.

Interviewers: Marg Armfelt, Peggy Baker, Mark Boersma, Maxine Boisvert, Dawn Burgess, Julie Creaser, Brenda Gilboe, Judy Hemmons, Greg Johnson, Marilyn Mol (retired), Elizabeth Munroe, Rosemary Neaves, Carmen Pysyk, Liza Russell, Wendy Schinnell, Shirley Stashko, Eleanor Staszewski, Gordon Willis, Agnes Wurfel, and Al Wurfel.

Portrait Photographers: Renee Sibera and Jesse Ajayi.

Archivist: Margaret.

Personal stories are still being collected, and interview enquiries are welcome. Please contact Athabasca United Church.


Phone: 780-675-2341 Email:

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