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Karvonen Films Natural History Collection

Karvonen Films Natural History Collection includes over 30 sound recordings, 15 videos, and close to 400 images - all capturing the spectacle of the wild. They can be browsed by title, keyword, and media type. The collection also includes biographical records and photos from Albert Karvonen's life. Athabasca University Library Services and Thomas A. Edge Archives & Special Collections are pleased to offer this vital resource for students, faculty, and researchers seeking documentation of the natural world and of the man who has been filming it for over thirty years.

Stop. Browse. Play.

Albert Karvonen believes that connecting people to the natural world is essential to conserving it. So when you are done browsing the collection, put on your shoes, grab your walking stick, and step outside to experience the natural history awaiting you. What you see now may not be there forever.

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Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library

Lois Hole was a champion of teaching, learning, and research. She was someone who appreciated how nature feeds the body and soul, which is why Karvonen Films Natural History Collection is a fitting part of the Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library. Appreciating nature takes many forms. For Lois Hole it meant growing vegetable and flower gardens. For Albert Karvonen it means watching closely and capturing what he sees on film.

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